Long break

So I have disappeared for a few months and it’s fine. I have been progressing on my thesis writing,  I have attended a couple of more conferences but I also had a lot of frustration, fears and struggles. A couple of other issues out of my control have obliged me to make some drastic decisions I thought I would never have to make. Big changes are about to come and I have mixed feelings.

My happy place

I’m an anxious ENFJ, I have like around 1,000 things running on my mind at the same time: a lot of projects, great ideas, and many other things that I started but I never finished; my personal to-do list is way longer than my any other. I love writing, I cannot avoid that, that’s part of who I am. I feel guilty for having these short pieces of my online person be aside for so long (on top of many others that are drafted or outlined). Sitting down to write and just think of one single thing, has always helped me. I totally had forgotten how much I love letting the words flow because my mind literally flies. I used this platform to speak about the ups and downs of being a PhD in Engineering who has a deep interest in every discipline. It did help.

I think it’s time to come back (… to school?)


Brunch: September 2018

Brunch at home: September 23rd, 2018

  • GF cereals with oats, almond milk, wild blueberries, hulled hemp seeds and flaxseed meal
  • GF pumpkin spice baked donut
  • Orange juice

I wanted to be a writer when I was little

I was a big reader growing up. By the age of 10, I already read historic novels for adults and I loved it. I always had a big passion for reading and gathering more and more information about other worlds and civilizations. Jules Verne’s books amazed me. I was very curious; I wanted to know where Atlantis was and why the Easter Island had those giant heads and their inhabitants suddenly disappeared.

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“What do you want to do when you graduate?”

“What do you want to do when you graduate?” I have been asked that question too many times in the last few months. My response has always been the same: “I don’t know”. I’m at a point in my program where I am struggling to write my thesis and that’s the only thing I have in mind. I am not even sure when I will graduate in the first place and I have no idea of what I will do next.

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A letter to my future self as a research supervisor

Dear future Ollis,

I envision you as a successful professor with great achievements and I’m really proud of you; I can’t wait to get there. But I wanted to remind you what is to be in the position of your graduate students because I don’t know if you forgot it, but you have also been a student yourself! I don’t want you to make the same mistakes that our supervisor made in the past. Mind them.

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